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Faith Goodliffe

This webpage is for my daughter, Faith Goodliffe. I love you, and have missed you more than you can yet imagine. I saw you a couple of times between ages 4 - 10, at the park near Coventry, and then had to give up trying.
Your mum, janet goodiffe, made it too difficult for us to keep in contact sweet. She acted out of spite, maliciousness and revenge; to hurt me, without caring about the impact to you.

You weren't getting my Christmas cards or birthday cards, she kept your mobile phone switched off, and I didn't know where you live. I never received any cards from you, and you were encouraged to forget about me. You're now nearly 15, and I pray that you start to demand answers and access to me.

This webpage updated February 2015; you are getting older, and I can start to tell you the impact of what your mother did. I have been to hell and back with what she did to me, and the knowledge that one day you would also know about her.

You have aunts, uncles, grandparents and 9 cousins all of whom want to know you.

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